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Rachel Reversible One Piece Tiare Nui Teal

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Rachel Reversible One Piece Tiare Nui Teal. Print: Tiare Nui Color: Teal, reverses to Solid Teal. Full hip and seat coverage, sport top with light pads sewn into an inner lining so it doesn’t scrunch up. Hidden elastic around legs and back for comfort. Also available in the tie back version. Please select from the drop down.

Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL

XS = 32-34 A-B (25-26″ waist, hips 34-35″), S=34-36 A-B (26-27″ waist, hips 35-36″), M=34-36B-C (27-28″ waist, hips 36-37″), L=34-36 C-D (28-29″ waist, hips 37-38″), XL=36-38 C-D (29-30″ waist, hips 38-39″), XXL=38-40 D-DD (30-31″ waist, hips 39-40″)


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