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Summer Tankini Tiare Nui Black (XS ONLY 50% OFF)

$52.00 $26.00

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Summer Tankini Tiare Nui Black. (XS ONLY 50% OFF, price as marked) Print: Tiare Nui, Color: Black. Bust is lined and lightly padded. (the cups are sewn to the lining so they don‚’t scrunch up on you). Straps cross in back. Fitted so it won‚’t get baggy in the water. Perfect for work outs, too.

XS = 32-34 A-B (24-25 inch waist)
S=34-36 A-B (26-27 inch waist)
M=36B-C (27-28 inch waist)
L=36-38 C-D (28-29 inch waist)
XL=38-40 D (29-30 inch waist)
XXL=38-40 D (30-31 inch waist)


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