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SwimSpray 4oz. pump bottle.  Eliminate residual chlorine on your body and hair by using SwimSpray, a 100% natural Vitamin-C formula that effectively and safely removes the chlorine!  We also use it to prolong the life of swimwear if you go in the swimming pool a lot.

How to use on your hair and body: There are three easy steps to eliminate chlorine from your hair and skin with SwimSpray’s vitamin C technology: after swimming, rinse off in the shower. Next, spray SwimSpray for 5-10 seconds to cover your hair and skin. Then, shower normally. If you wish, you can use the lather from your favorite shampoo, soap, or body wash to spread SwimSpray over your body.

How to use on your swimsuit: SwimSpray will neutralize chlorine from your swimsuit. We’ve noticed that neutralizing the chlorine prolongs the life of your swimsuit by reducing the negative effects of chlorine. Your suit will not degrade as quickly and its color won’t fade as fast. Simply rinse your swimsuit in non-chlorinated water, then spray SwimSpray on your suit. Then, rinse out your swimsuit again. For swimmers who leave their suit on during showering, you can wash your suit while you’re washing your body.