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Colleen Tessler, is a well-rounded athlete and competitive prone paddleboarder residing on Oahu. She is originally from New Jersey where she swam competitively and lifeguarded at Belmar Beach, NJ. Her love of paddleboarding grew from her participation in lifeguard tournaments where she would swim, paddleboard, kayak, row, and run. She moved to Hawaii in 2004 to pursue her love of water sports year round and has since won or placed in several highly competitive paddleboard races. Colleen is currently training for the Molokai2Oahu solo 32-mile World Championship Paddleboard race in July.

In order to stay competitive in paddleboarding, Colleen trains with the Wailupe Crew and is coached by Mike Cote, the University of Hawaii Masters Swim Program, and Egan‚’s Fit Body Bootcamp in Manoa where she can throw some kicks and punches while getting an all-around body workout. For fun, Colleen loves to run, surf and bike ride. She also plays on a co-ed softball team.

Here are some questions we asked her:

Favorite Honey Girl Swimsuit and why: Traci Brazil bottoms and Jules top because it provides amazing support in the water, style and are sexy. Discovering Honey Girl Waterwear suits is the best thing that happened to me. I couldn‚’t live without them!

What board do you train on: Bark 12‚’ stock

What is your career: Outside Sales Representative