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Favorite Honey Girl swimsuit: The Amber Halter and the Traci Brazil, stays on good in the surf

Recent accomplishments: Invited to compete in the World Longboarding Championships in France, 2011.

Favorite Surf Spot Currently: Waikiki

Favorite athlete in that sport (paddle, surf, etc): My favorite long boarders are the girls I surf Waikiki with. They have different styles and approaches to long boarding. Each style is unique and beautiful in its own way.

Where you grew up surfing, or doing your sport: Kakaroach Bay

How you got into the sport: My family and friends all surfed, and once I started I got hooked.

What you want to do in the future with your career goals or other aspirations: I hope to use what I learned in my UH Environmental Studies to help preserve and better the beauty and resources of Hawaii.

Where you‚’d want to go if you could travel anywhere in the world, and what you would do there: Surf Australia

Your favorite maneuver or signature move: Hanging on the nose

Your favorite wave: Queens when its not too crowded.

Favorite food and/or restaurant: SUSHI

Other Hobbies? Hiking, sailing, snorkeling

Anything else you‚’d like to add?
Mahalo Honeygirl your swimsuits are the best!