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Recent accomplishments: Stroker for Kaiola Canoe Club‚ 14 year old crew that won the Kauai Island championships and took 7th at the State competition. I participated and completed the Junior Lifeguard program that was held at Salt Pond and Poipu Kauai.

Favorite Surf Spot Currently: All the breaks on the west side of Kauai!!!

Favorite athlete in that sport (paddle, surf, etc): Lance Ho‚’okano, Bonga Perkins, Dino Miranda, Ned Snow, Keegan Edwards, all the pro longboarders!!!

Where you grew up surfing, or doing your sport: Kauai

How you got into the sport: My parents were surfing long before I was even born, my mom was surfing when she was pregnant with me and my sister, so I guess I’ve kind of grown up in the water. My parents wanted their kids to love the ocean and surfing as much as they did! I started surfing when I was 6 years old haven‚’t been able to stop!!! Paddling? I don‚’t really now how I got into it but I have always wanted to do it and couldn’t wait ‚’til I was old enough‚ once I started I was hooked!!

Who were your role models, or are your role models: My role models are the people that are surfing to have a good time and are humble in the sport.

What you want to do in the future with the sport: Of course I‚’ll have to say become Pro, because who doesn’t want to bepro??!!! But if that never happens, I want to pass surfing down in my familyand just surf for the fun and enjoyment for the sport!!!

What you want to do in the future with your career goals or other aspirations: I want to be a lifeguard as soon as I am old enough. I have interests in Criminal law and becoming an F.B.I agent, I would love to doanything that involves the ocean!!!

Your favorite wave size and where: Any wave that‚’s un-crowded is good for me!!! Of course clean barrels are always fun!!

The most memorable surf session, or something you did in the sport: ALL SURF SESSIONS ARE MEMORABLE!!!!!

Favorite food and/or restaurant: I love Mexican food, for restaurants I‚’d have to say Ishihara Market‚’s Grill and Da Booze Shop‚

Other Hobbies? Guitar, I love running, cooking, skateboarding, pretty much anything outdoors!!!

Anything else you would like to add? I thank God every day for allowing me to live on such a beautiful island andblessing me with all that I have and the abilities he gave me to enjoy his wonderful creation!!!!! Sometimes we get too busy trying to be successful in life that we forget to enjoy the little pleasures that God gives us everyday:)