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Favorite Honey Girl swimsuit style to wear and why: The Heather although the Tracy bottom is pretty sexy sexy, I like them because they‚’re cute and stylish and don‚’t shift when surfing!! pretty important**

Current Status: Firefighter

What do you ride? I ride a Pueo.

What do you to train besides your water sport? I run, hike, surf, swim, do CrossFit & yoga.

Recent event info or achievements you would like to mention..:)

Pa`a `Eono (iron 6 man, 2 day race from Maui to Moloka`i, then Moloka`i to O`ahu the next day)

Maui Nui (6man change race, 3 consecutive days, 3 islands, 100 miles‚ Maui to Moloka`i, Moloka`i to Lana`i, Lana`i to Maui)

Favorite Surf Spots: Queens, Seconds, Toes, & Secrets.

Favorite athlete in that sport (paddle, surf, etc): Rell Sunn; awesome water woman and she did everything with such grace and humility.

Where you grew up surfing, or doing your sport:
-I grew up surfing on the Windward side and paddling in Hawai‚’i Kai- up the wall, Makai Pier and Kaimana runs

How you got into the sport:
-surfing; family and friends
-paddling; did it in high school for 2 years and then started up again after graduating from college because my mentor was a great steersman

Who were your role models, or are your role models:
There are a number of great surfers and paddlers out there that I respect and it‚’s hard to point out just one. I credit also my parents and family as they are motivating and supportive of all of my endeavors.

What you want to do in the future with the sport:
With surfing, I want to continue to enjoy the waves and water, push myself to get better, and share my love for the ocean with others. As for paddling, I want to continue to improve on my technique and surfing and be more competitive.

Your favorite wave size and where:
2-3 foot waves, glassy, no crowd at Queens, Seconds, Toes or Secrets

The most memorable surf session, or something you did in the sport:
Surfing- every November 13th birthday morning surf session and watching the sun rise with friends!!
Paddling- doing the Na Pali challenge last year with a thrown together crew of gals and guys on the most beautiful island, Kaua‚’i

Other Hobbies?
-fishing, diving, singing, playing ukulele & guitar