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Sport: Surf and Longboard
Age: 14

When did you start surfing?
I was 2 the first time my dad took me out.

What are your favorite surf spots?
Kewalos, Bowls, and a secret spot 😉

What is your favorite move?
Anything that involves being in the water. (Especially snaps, carves and hang tens)

Who are your favorite surfers?
Damien Hobgood, Kelia Moniz and Carissa Moore

What did you get on your latest report card?
A 4.0 GPA average.

What are your biggest accomplishments?
Getting 2nd in the Roxy Wahine Contest 2013, finishing 3rd in the H.S.A 2012-2013 longboard 17 and under.

What goals do you have in surfing?
Compete with my friends and have a good time!

Who are you sponsored by?
Honey Girl, Minami Surfboards, Dakine and Local Motion

What is your favorite Honey Girl swimsuit?
The Nikki sport top and the Tiare bottoms.

Contest Results

  • 3rd 10-13 Longboard, Dukes OceanFest
  • 5th 10-13 Shortboard, Dukes OceanFest
  • 2nd place long board in the Roxy Classic
  • 4th in 17 Under Shortboard and 11-13 Longbaord China Wahine Classic

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