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Tiare Lawrence is an amazing all-around water woman. She competes in Stand-up paddling, crossing the Ka‚’iwi channel on stand-up and outrigger canoe (paddles with Maui Team: Hawaiian Canoe Club). She is known for ‚ charging‚ huge waves at surf spots like Makaha and Honolua Bay. Currently living on Maui, Tiare is married and had her first daughter, Hinatea, and is expecting her second child soon.

Tiare also performs hula dancing and performed as part of the 2011 Merry Monarch winning Halau Ke‚’alaokamaile.

Here are some questions we asked her:

Favorite Surf Spot Currently:

Favorite athlete in that sport (paddle, surf, etc): Lauren Bartlett (paddling), Dave Parmenter (SUP), Melanie Bartels (shortboard)

Where you grew up surfing, or doing your sport: I grew up surfing Lahaina Harbor

How you got into the sport: I was born to be a ocean girl

Who were your role models, or are your role models: Rell Sunn, Archie Kalepa, Brian Keaulana

What you want to do in the future with the sport: Start a non profit organization that will benefit women surfers suffering with breast cancer

What you want to do in the future with your career goals or other aspirations:
Charge big waves, travel across the globe surfing, be an inspiration in female surfing

Where you‚’d want to go if you could travel anywhere in the world, and what you would do there: I‚’ve always wanted to go to Europe, I‚’d like to surf, have cappuccinos, sample wines and cheese

Your favorite maneuver or signature move:
Dropping down

Your favorite wave size and where: 10ft, Makaha

Favorite food and/or restaurant:

Other Hobbies? Hula

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